Car & Home Insurance

The benefits of having Short Term Insurance

Life is full of uncertainties, for which we attempt to prepare. We all hear of cars being stolen, hijacked, damaged or houses being burgled, flooded, or even burnt down. You always hope that it never happens to you but there is always that feeling in the back of your mind that something may go wrong. A short-term insurance policy allows you to protect your valuables against an unexpected loss that may compromise your finances.

With short term insurance you will have peace of mind knowing that should any unforeseen circumstances occur, your valuables will be protected and your claim will be handled with the highest levels of service and efficiency.

Here’s what’s covered with short term Insurance:

  • Household contents: Cover the contents of your house from that flat screen to your new leather couches.
  • Valuable items: Ensure that your most valuable items such as jewelry or collectibles are covered.
  • Motor vehicles: Your car will be covered in case of fire, theft or damage.